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6 Tips to Choose A Luxury Hotel in Dubai

6 Tips to Choose A Luxury Hotel in Dubai

6 Tips to Choose A Luxury Hotel in DubaiDubai is one of the most advanced cities in Asia with millions of tourists visiting every year to embrace its architecture, landscape, skyscrapers, and technology. On your visit to this city, you’ll be in awe of its breathtaking wonders and charming beach shores.

If you are coming to Dubai for the first time and worried about finding a nice hotel with luxury amenities, here are some tips you should follow to book a hotel in Dubai:

1. Do Your Research

Before you book a hotel, consider doing a thorough research and comparing the prices for the facilities they offer. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort is one of the best resort hotels in Dubai that boasts a private shoreline and expansive views of the Arabian Gulf. You can check on Google for customer reviews and can even ask locals for a recommendation.

2. Understand Policies

Hotels in Islamic countries like UAE have different policies for married and unmarried couples. Not only this, there may be strict policies about food, alcohol and smoking. So, before booking a hotel, make sure you go through all their policies for a comfortable stay. You can talk to the front desk receptionist at the Anantara Dubai hotels to get acquainted with the property your actual stay.

3. Choose A Location

Before booking an overseas hotel, you must ensure that the one you are booking is located at the shortest possible distance from you. Many Dubai hotels offer stunning sea views, and Anantara is one of them. You can choose either The Palm Jumeirah Anantara resort or Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort depending on where you are planning to visit.

4. Consider the Booking Season

Dubai witnesses less tourist footfall in hot summer months, when temperatures generally go up to 39℃. Many smart budget travellers take advantage of the low price deals during this season. If you want to experience a luxurious stay in Dubai, prefer our Anantara Dubai hotels for an economical stay.

5. Check Out Luxury Resorts

Beachside hotels are the most preferred ones for a holiday stay with green-blue sea and sandy beach views. Make your holiday a great one by checking out Anantara luxury resorts for a splendid stay in Dubai.

6. Look For Freebies

Almost all luxury Anantara hotels in Dubai offer freebies to their guests that may be a free breakfast or lunch, or in-room coffee or snacks, or airport pickups or transfers. Before booking, make sure you ask the hotel manager about the freebies they offer.

As, these were some of the worthy considerations that can help you find an economical Anantara hotel in Dubai. After a tiring day of sightseeing, a cozy and comfortable bed awaits to relax you down at Anantara hotel chain.